Non-Profit Outreach

At My Project Solution, we deeply value community engagement and strive to make a positive impact. Supporting organizations dedicated to helping others is at the core of our mission.

Our Commitment to Community

At our company, giving back is a fundamental commitment. Through pro bono work, we choose two to three non-profits and charities annually to receive all our services and software licenses. Partnering with remarkable organizations, our gallery showcases the impactful projects we’ve accomplished together, emphasizing our dedication to making a positive difference in the world. Empowering those who strive for social welfare, education, healthcare, and more, we believe in using our expertise and resources to create a lasting, positive impact on communities worldwide.

Featured Project

TestedHQ – Tester Portal

TestedHQ helps ensure successful product launches through end-user field testing. The perspectives of the Testers help their client understand how their customers use products improving features and product quality.

Featured Project

Hard Hat Heroes

The Hard Hat Heroes Event for Kids event gives Shriner’s Children’s Greenville and Prisma Children’s Hospital of Greenville patients the opportunity to explore, interact and operate heavy machinery including excavators, bull dozers, track loaders, dump trucks and more.