Maximizing Your WooCommerce Store with High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)

Oct 25, 2023 | Ecommerce, For Developers

On October 10th, WooCommerce introduced a new feature designed to improve the efficiency of your store. The key highlight of this update is High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS). This feature not only enhances the checkout process for your customers by speeding it up but also simplifies order management for store owners.

If your store was active before October 10, 2023, you have the option to activate HPOS within your WooCommerce configuration. However, if you started your store on or after this date, you’re in luck! HPOS is already integrated into your store’s settings. In this article, we will dive deeper into the benefits of HPOS, its creation, and the steps to incorporate it into older stores.

A Snapshot of HPOS Highlights:

  • Boosted efficiency for both clients and store administrators with HPOS.
  • Seamless integration with Woo Express and accompanying plugins.
  • An in-dashboard notification system will alert you to any HPOS compatibility concerns when adding plugins to pre-established stores.
  • The onus of updating plugins for HPOS compatibility rests on third-party developers. WooCommerce will maintain dialogue until full compatibility is achieved.

Exploring High-Performance Order Storage

The HPOS project, which began in January 2022, is dedicated to significant database enhancements. The project undergoes meticulous vetting by both internal and external development teams to ensure top-notch performance. With HPOS, users can expect up to 5 times faster order generation and a 1. 5 times accelerated checkout process. Additionally, store operators can locate orders up to 40 times faster. This transformative upgrade is highly sought after by the developer community and brings benefits to everyone, from plugin developers to ongoing store managers.

The Transition in Order Storage

Traditionally, order details were saved using WordPress’s standard database technology. However, with HPOS, this information is shifted to an innovative database structure specifically designed for e-commerce. This ensures scalability that aligns with your business’s growth. This modification results in faster order processing and quicker backend access.

Navigating HPOS: Introduction

To accommodate developers during the adjustment period, it’s important to note that some plugins may not be immediately compatible with HPOS (High-Performance Operating System) after the launch. While new stores are HPOS-ready, older ones may require manual activation. If a plugin is installed and found to be incompatible with HPOS, an alert will be triggered within your wp-admin dashboard.

Plugin Compatibility

After activating the plugin, your dashboard will notify you of any incompatibilities. If there are any conflicts, you can resolve them by disabling conflicting plugins or turning off HPOS using a specified method. Regarding HPOS’s impact on your WooCommerce setup, starting from October 10, 2023, HPOS will be a built-in feature for new shops. For existing stores, using HPOS is optional, but we highly recommend taking advantage of its faster checkout process. Eventually, HPOS will become the standard across all platforms. Rest assured, we will notify all stores when this transition begins.

The Impact of HPOS on Your WooCommerce Setup

For those who are opening a shop after October 10, 2023, HPOS is a built-in feature. For pre-existing stores, the HPOS experience remains optional, but we highly recommend utilizing its speedier checkout process. In due course, HPOS will become the standard across all platforms. Rest assured, we will notify all stores when this transition begins.

Ready to Implement HPOS?

Stores that are operational before October 10, 2023, and equipped with WooCommerce 7. 1 or newer can trial HPOS through the advanced settings menu: WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Features. Comprehensive documentation is available on the WooCommerce website and GitHub for developers. However, since HPOS is still in its testing phase, syncing your store with the updated table structure will require some effort. It is important to thoroughly review the guidelines before activating HPOS on your store.

If HPOS testing reveals compatibility issues with preferred plugins, we encourage store owners to reach out to the respective developers for updates. WooCommerce offers comprehensive guidance to developers to ensure streamlined updates.