Custom WooCommerce + Quickbooks Desktop Integration

About the client

Jescraft is a leading designer and manufacturer of material handling equipment that serves multiple segments of the construction and industrial markets. Jescraft’s product line of jobsite handling equipment includes drywall carts, stone carts, dump hoppers, lift boxes, Georgia Buggies, mortar tubs, concrete carts, utility trailers, wheelbarrows, platform carts, panel carts and dollies, roofing equipment and more.

Project summary

Jescraft needed to optimize their order fulfillment processes, starting with reducing the manual creation of invoices in Quickbooks Desktop. New orders created on would sync to Quickbooks Desktop, creating a new open invoice.

In addition to invoices, the products and customers would sync from Quickbooks Desktop to WooCommerce, keeping both applications in sync with one another.

Jescraft also requested a Request A Quote feature be added to WooCommerce. This would allow customers to request a quote for multiple products, and high-volume orders from customers seeking reduced pricing.

The Strategy

My Project Solution consulted Jescrafts order fulfillment and sales teams to understand their process for handing new orders from WooCommerce. We then created an integration strategy to remove the manual labor involved with creating the invoices in Quickbooks Desktop.

We implemented a custom, bidirectional integration between WooCommerce and Quickbooks Desktop. New products and customers added to Quickbooks Desktop sync to WooCommerce, creating new products and customers. Orders created in WooCommerce sync to Quickbooks Desktop, creating new invoices.

 To add the Request A Quote feature to WooCommerce, we used the YITH Request A Quote plugin as a starting point, then wrote two custom modifications to enhance the plugin and core WooCommerce features. We also customized the quote notification and confirmation emails and PDF document templates.

The Outcome

The completion of the project increased order conversions on the WooCommerce website, and offloaded manual quote requests and order fulfillment to a customer self-service approach on WooCommerce.