River Walk

Gravity Forms to Google Data Studio

The River Walk Recreation Association needed to perform data analytics on the usage of the neighborhood pool to have information for negotiating with pool management and lifeguard staffing purposes. The data was also key in negotiating insurance rates for the pool. My Project Solution integrated the River Walk website, developed by My Project Solution, with Google Data Studio.

My Project Solution leveraged the Google Sheets API, and a custom App Script, to collect data on pool usage as members signed in to the River Walk Pool Kiosk to a single Google Sheet. The kiosk was a custom solution created for River Walk by My Project Solution.

My Project Solution configured Google Data Studio to use the Google sheet as a data source. This allowed for the board members to see real-time data showing the pool usage, member vs. guest usage, and how much should have been collected by the pool staff in guest fees.

If you need help setting up your data sources and configuring your Google Data Studio dashboards, please let us know. We are here to help!