Direct Souvenir

Custom application design and HubSpot integration

About the client

A Direct Souvenir ticket from Weldon, Williams & Lick creates lifelong memories for valued guests and visitors. With more patrons entering events via a mobile device, physical tickets are becoming less used for access. While convenient, digital tickets lack a crucial piece of the overall customer experience—a tangible memento. Our souvenir tickets fill this void.

A Direct Souvenir ticket is a commemorative printed ticket that patrons and visitors can admire forever. This sentimental keepsake is a physical complement to digital tickets. It is popular with fans and other brand supporters who have enjoyed collecting tickets from events over the years.

Project summary


A Direct Souvenir website is a unique, branded website deployed for a single client. Each site promotes a venue (i.e. – Yankee Stadium) or team (i.e. – UNC Tarheels Basketball). Customers can order a commemorative ticket for the events they attend.

My Project Solution redesigned the legacy Direct Souvenir portal template from the ground up. The redesign improved usability of the application, and also simplified the configuration and management of the sites for the client. 

HubSpot was integrated with the application for managing customers and the emails sent to customers confirming their order, and shipment notifications.

The Strategy

Custom Design

Our first task was to overhaul the design and user experience of the Direct Souvenir® ticket memento platform, by WW&L. The new design had to be flexible, clear and intuitive, ensuring that each iteration of the platform could be easily customized to suit a client’s needs, and customers could have a frictionless checkout experience from start to finish.

The Direct Souvenir® platform needed a completely customized design solution that could be tailored to each client. We build the design with easily customizable CSS custom properties and images so that developers could swap themes effortlessly.

We created a softer, more approachable interface with clear steps at the top to show the customer where they were in the checkout process. We also designed the application with a mobile first approach, since a significant portion of traffic would come from mobile browsers.

HubSpot Integration 

A custom integration was written for HubSpot. For each order, a HubSpot Customer and Deal were created. The customer is associated with the Deal. The Deal is used to track the order fulfillment process by WW&L. 


We created a custom email template and workflow to support 2 different sales channels for the Direct Souvenir program.