Custom PIM developed in Airtable with WooCommerce integration

About the client

Founded in 2008 by artist Bari Ziperstein, BZIPPY is a ceramic furniture and housewares company producing open edition wares. Inspired by architecture and industrial design, BZIPPY builds on a taxonomy of slab-based and extruded forms to deliver high-quality, rigorously handbuilt, functional ceramic objects. BZIPPY furniture and housewares are included in multiple high-end showrooms, lifestyle stores, and its clients include many prominent interior designers.

Project summary

BZIPPY needed an easy way to manage their product catalog, inventory, and order fulfillment in one, centralized application. The solution needed to allow for management of inventory levels for Variable Products and their Variations, as well as limited edition, specialty products. Pricing management was also needed, calculating the price of a specific SKU based on the type of Glaze being applied to the base product.

The full product catalog needed to be managed including Name, Description, Images, Shipping lead-time, and category assignment.

Lastly, the application had to support integrations with Quickbooks, Salesforce, and WooCommerce.

The Strategy

MPS created a base in Airtable, with several tables and interfaces. The master table includes all main product data and allows easy management of descriptions, images, and other product-specific data.

Currently supporting a single warehouse, the Inventory table manages qty available, on sales order, and an inventory allocation for the WooCommerce store. As orders are placed, the inventory levels are adjusted via webhooks and Airtable Automations. BZIPPY can also reserve quantities as needed for larger orders or buffering to avoid overselling online.

A table for management of pricing was added to determine final retail pricing easily for all products, starting with a base item cost, then percentage markup based on the glaze applied to the product. There is also support for trade/dealer pricing discounts.

Integration with WooCommerce

MPS integrated the Airtable base with WooCommerce. Using Airtable Automations and custom webhooks, updates to the product data in Airtable triggers a bi-directional data sync between Airtable, WooCommerce, and Quickbooks online. 

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience working with MPS. Despite the distance between us, they have made our remote collaboration feel effortless. They excel in clear communication, patiently guiding me through each project and ensuring I’m always well-informed. Their dedication, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail have made MPS an invaluable partner in bringing our online projects to life.

Nataliya Kotlova

Assistant Director of Sales & Operations, BZIPPY & Company