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This Managed Services Agreement (“Agreement”) between My Project Solution (“MPS”) and the client is designed to offer a structured and tiered approach to maintaining, supporting, and enhancing your CIMcloud platform. Recognizing that different businesses have varied needs, MPS provides three distinct service tiers, each building upon the former to deliver a comprehensive solution. From routine monitoring to hands-on consulting, our aim is to ensure that your CIMcloud experience is smooth, effective, and continually evolving with your business needs.



At a monthly fee of $250, our Monitoring tier offers a proactive approach to managing your CIMcloud platform. We will vigilantly monitor and vet monthly CIMcloud releases for you, test customizations, coordinate version updates on Staging or Sandbox, and also assist in Go Live events with your team and CIMcloud. Additionally, we’re here to answer questions and advise on best practices and feature capabilities.


Priced at $350 per month, the Supporting tier encapsulates all the features of the Monitoring tier and takes it a step further by serving as the first line of support for your team. Whether it’s triaging support requests or interacting directly with CIMcloud product support on your behalf, we’ve got you covered. We’re also dedicated to monitoring Data Exception errors, working closely with CIMcloud to prevent potential issues, and providing timely support via email and chat during normal business hours.


Our premium Consulting tier, priced at $600 per month, not only includes all the benefits of the Supporting tier but also provides 2 hours of training/team onboarding each month and 2 hours dedicated to solution architecting or application configuration changes. Plus, you’ll benefit from a reduced hourly rate for any additional consulting, solution architecting, or custom development needs. Please note, while MPS can configure applications, customer sites, and workspace settings, we do not have access to modify ERP sync configurations.


Managed Service Options Pricing



  • Monthly CIMcloud release monitoring and vetting for your CIMcloud Platform
  • Customization testing and planning for issues
  • Version update coordination and testing on Staging or Sandbox
  • Go Live coordination and testing with your team and CIMcloud
  • Q&A for best practices and feature capabilities



  • All Monitoring plan +
  • CFirst line support for your team
  • VData Exception error monitoring
  • In-App support via email and chat during normal business hours



  • All Supporting plan +
  • 2 hours training / team onboarding per month
  • 2 hours solution architecting or application configuration changes per month*
  • Reduced hourly rate on paid engagements for additional consulting, solution architecting, or custom development

*configuration of application, customer site, workspace settings. MPS does not have access to modify ERP sync configurations


For clients looking to maintain optimal performance and security for their WordPress websites, My Project Solution offers an exclusive add-on for comprehensive WordPress Maintenance and Support. Priced at $75 per month, our monthly maintenance covers Core WordPress, Plugins, and Themes ensuring they’re always up-to-date and free from vulnerabilities. Beyond mere updates, our team will also assist with content edits and changes, making sure your website remains fresh, functional, and aligned with your business objectives. This is your all-in-one solution for a hassle-free and smoothly operating WordPress site.


This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is a commitment between My Project Solution (“MPS”) and the client to define the standards of service for the CIMcloud Managed Service.

1. Definitions:

Urgent, Live Site Issues: Any issue or disruption which results in the complete unavailability or inaccessibility of the website for end-users.

Normal Support: Any issue, request, or concern that does not qualify as an “Urgent, Live Site Issue.”

Upgrade/Customization Requests: Any request from the client to make changes, enhancements, or upgrades to the current configurations or functionalities of the CIMcloud platform.

2. Service Availability and Response Time:

Urgent, Live Site Issues: MPS commits to a response time of within 2 hours from the moment the issue is reported. This rapid response ensures minimal disruption and swift resolution.

Normal Support: MPS commits to a response time of within 1 business day from the moment the issue is reported or the request is made.

Upgrade/Customization Requests: MPS commits to a response time of within 3 business days from the moment the request is made, in which a preliminary assessment or action plan will be provided.

3. Reporting a Problem:

Clients should report any problems or issues through the designated MPS support channels. Upon receiving the report or request, MPS will provide an acknowledgment and commence diagnostics, resolution efforts, or preliminary assessments within the timeframes specified above.

4. Exclusions:

This SLA does not apply to:

  • Any issues resulting from the client’s own internal network or internet provider problems.
  • Issues arising from unauthorized alterations or interventions by parties other than MPS.
  • Scheduled maintenance for which prior notification has been given to the client.
  • Emergency maintenance or updates performed by CIMcloud

5. Review and Amendments:

This SLA will be reviewed periodically and may be amended in consultation with the client to reflect the evolving nature of the service and the needs of the client.

6. Remedy:

In the event MPS fails to meet the commitments set out in this SLA, MPS and the client will discuss appropriate remedies, potentially including service credits or other mutually agreed-upon compensation.

By utilizing the CIMcloud Managed Service offered by MPS, the client agrees to the terms laid out in this SLA. Both parties are encouraged to communicate openly and frequently to ensure optimal service delivery and client satisfaction.